• Liddesdale Heritage Centre

    Liddesdale Heritage Centre

    Here in Liddesdale you are deep in the heart of reiver country. The Scottish Middle March was the most lawless part of the whole borderland and some of the worst criminals passed through this area on their way to raid England. 400 years ago reivers lived in the old centre of Castleton further up the valley. It was home to... Read more »
  • Mangerton Castle and Tower

    Mangerton Castle and Tower

    Mangerton Castle - understood to have been originally built by a knight of Norman descent. Alexander Armstrong, laird of Mangerton, 1st Chief of the Armstrong family lived in the building circa 1320 and his descendants remained until the Union of the Crowns.... Read more »
  • Hollows or Gilnockie Tower

    Hollows or Gilnockie Tower

    Hollows or Gilnockie Tower – the tower is presently owned by an Armstrong under the care of the Armstrong Clan Association. Built by Lord Berries in the late 16th century on site of an earlier bastle house.... Read more »
  • Canonbie Kirkyard

    Canonbie Kirkyard

    Canonbie Kirkyard – You will see a large collection of fascinating Armstrong headstones most with armorial carvings with many having been cleaned and restored.... Read more »
  • Gilnockie Hall

    Gilnockie Hall

    Gilnockie Hall is essentially a community hall servicing the area around Claygate, a small community adjacent to the Gilnockie site. The hall is affectionately known as the ‘Tin Tabernacle’ and it hosts numerous events throughout the year. Not least is the Burns Supper, legendary for its entertainment, quality of food and companionship and tickets for this event are annually as... Read more »
  • Lang Sandy Armstrong of Rowanburn

    Lang Sandy Armstrong of Rowanburn

    Lang Sandy Armstrong of Rowanburn was a Reiver of the worst kind! Lang Sandy gained his affectionately awarded nickname due to his height of over six feet, an abnormally giant of a man for the period. Remember this was over four centuries ago. He lived with his family in a tower house in the nearby fields, but the early 17th... Read more »
  • Ettleton Old Kirkyard

    Ettleton Old Kirkyard

    Ettleton Old Kirkyard - a fascinating memorial wall restored by the Clan Armstrong Trust encapsulates Armstrong grave covers from the 14th century onwards. Numerous old crosses and shafts with other masonry lie within the railed enclosure all looking forward to much needed research and restoration time... Read more »
  • Milnholm Cross

    Milnholm Cross

    Milnholm Cross – the property of the Clan Armstrong Trust stands on a knoll alongside the B6357 Newcastleton to Canonbie road 2 miles to the south of Newcastleton, adjacent to a picnic site and lay-by. It has interesting all be it weathered carvings commemorating the murder of the 2nd laird of Mangerton at Hermitage castle.... Read more »
  • Tourneyholm


    At the Tourneyholm you are essentially standing in Scotland, but just a few feet or even millimetres away is another country, our southern neighbours, England. Today these waters, the River Liddel and the smaller Kershopeburn, form a peaceful and serene boundary between England and Scotland. But four centuries ago life was much different and these fields at Kershopefoot would have... Read more »
  • Hermitage Castle

    Hermitage Castle

    Hermitage Castle - a vast and ethereal stronghold ruin originally built around the 13th century, and is allegedly linked with the de Soulis family, then with the Douglas family but was always an influential and dark part of the early development of the treacherous and untamed Liddesdale valley.... Read more »

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